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March is nearly out, and April will bring Salute (22nd April). So that means it's time to start those orders coming in so we can have them ready for you there.
SCOUTS OUT! 28mm Skirmish Wargaming in the Great War
Large format pbk. Skirmish rules set in WWI for small raiding parties to raid enemy trenches and rescuing downed pilots. Includes, core rules, army lists, scenarios and a how to paint section. Games take less than three hours. £29.95
HELLENISTIC NAVAL WARFARE AND WARSHIPS 336-30 BC: War at Sea from Alexander to Actium
Michael Paul Pitassi. 320p. mint hardback. 80 colour and 40 mono illus. Each class is illustrated with clear diagrams and scale models, with particular attention paid to the arrangement of oars and rowers, the subject of much ongoing debate. He narrates the key naval battles of the period, huge affairs involving hundreds of ships, describing the forces engaged and the tactics employed £25.00
Judge Dredd: Block War Expansion - Warlord Games
SKU: 651510002 contains: 80-page Block Wars A5 book • Pad of 100 City Block datasheets • 15-card Block War deck • Three new Armoury cards • Two rampaging resident figures (in Warlord Resin) – exclusive to this set! £21.00
Judge Dredd: Mega-City Resident Mob - Warlord Games
SKU: 652210205 Box contains ten Warlord Resin figures and three game cards. £21.50
Judge Dredd: Justice Department Riot Control - Warlord Games
SKU: 652410107 Box contains three Warlord Resin figures and three game cards. £11.95
Judge Dredd: Fatties At War - Warlord Games
SKU: 655110301 Box contains Fats Hambo and a Fattie Battering Ram (Resin/Warlord Resin) and four game cards. £21.50
Abram, A 334p. 36 b/w illustrations, 5 b/w photos, 4 maps, 9 tables. The origins and role of dragoons; combined arms tactics and specialist operations; organization and composition of dragoon units; pay and quarter; arms and ammunition; standards, equipment and clothing; horses, equine care, saddlery and fodder; the Oxford Army; the Earl of Essex’s Army; the Eastern Association Army; the New Model Army; and the role of dragoons in regional warfare. £27.50
Stargrave: Side Hustle
This expansion for Stargrave consists of 40 Side Hustle cards – missions, plots, and tasks that add variety, depth, and new tactical challenges to wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy. Each card presents a specific objective… and the rewards for achieving it. Contains 40 Side Hustle Cards and 2 Rules Cards. £14.50
DRINKS & DRINKING 1558-1660 : A Tippler's guide to recreating the drink and drinking habits of ELizabethan and Stuart England.
190p. pbk. very well illustrated including colour. no.48 in the food and cookery series Inc. Recipes for the drinks- fancy making Od Humm? cheery wine? Mead? Alcoholic custard? then this one's for you. The book covers all social classes and a wide range of drinks from basic ales, beers, ciders, perrys, meads and wines through to complex flavoured concoctions such as buttered beer, hippocrasses and possets. Essential reading for those trying to imbibe or interpret period liquid refreshments! £29.00
 H30672 Seleucid and Ptolemaic Reformed Armies, 168-145 BC: v. 1 Seleucid Army / Sekunda 80p. near fine paperback 1 only. Colour plates by Angus Mcbride £95.00
We have as always some second-hand and shop soiled Books and Rules
53928 WARGAMES RULES : ARMOUR & INFANTRY 1950-1975 / WRG near fine 1974 ed(reprinted 1976) Includes QRF sheet £18.00

53929 God's Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland / Siochru 320p. nearly new. SUperb revisionist history- a must read! £6.00

53930 Tank Battles in Miniature 3 Wargamers guide to NW Europe 1944-45 / Quarrie, Bruce 1150p. VGC Hardback. £39.50

53931 Wargamers' Guide to the Arab-Israeli Wars Since 1948 (No. 5) (Tank Battles in Miniature) / Quarrie, Bruce VGC hardback £15.00

53932 Second S.S.Panzer Division "Das Reich" (Osprey Vanguard 7) / - Excellent condition pbk £23.50

53933 Lee/Grant Tanks in British Service (Osprey Vanguard 6) / Perrett Excellent condition pbk £10.00

53934 Panzergrenadier Division "Grossdeutschland" (Vanguard 2) / Quarrie excellent condition pbk . illus £16.00

53935 WARLORDS OF EREHWON - WARLORD GAMES Fantasy / Priestley, Rick near mint large format well illus Hardback £19.50

53936 TRENTON 1776 / Heath, Peter pamphlet wargames scenario £3.50

53937 WISSEMBOURG 1870 / Shann, S pamphlet wargames scenario £3.50

53938 Manœuvres for a battalion of infantry, upon fixed principles. With thirty-two copper plates. By a German officer / Young, Sir william High quality Facsimile of the 1767 edition. Hand bound in mock leather, printed on laid paper. 32 pull out plans demonstrating how a battalion worked in the field from 1760 (re-issued during the Napoleonic wars) Ideal re-enactment prop. £39.50

53939 PRUSSIAN FUSILIERS OF THE WAR OF THE AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION AND THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: UNIFORMS, ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT. / SUmmerfield New but damage to rear cover. Hardback v well illus in colur £29.50

53940 BATLEFIELD EVOLUTION: PACIFIC WAR supplement / - Nearly new large format v well illus pbk. Detailed Japanese. BRitish /Commonwealth and USMC army lists £10.00

53941 BATTLEFIELD EVOLUTION : WARBIRDS OF WORLD WAR II / - new large format v well illus pbk supplement. Detailed aircfraft supplement to thes erules £10.00

53942 ARMY OF TANG CHINA / Ranitzsch & Angius McBride 88p well illus inc colour plates. MOnvert publications. VGC pbk £22.00

53943 ARMIES OF BACTRIA 700BC-450AD / Nikonorov Nikonorov, V 130p. inc colour plates. 2 volume set. Monvert publication. pbk £32.00

53944 Field Commander Napoleon : Napoleonic Solitaire strategy game / - Unpunched, untouched, but not in shrink wrap Counts as 3 books for postage as heavy!! 7 full colour mounted maps for 11 historical campaign, counter sheets etc £85.00

53945 Osmanli harbi The Ottoman Fronts 1914-1918 SPW wargames / - Open Unpunched hex strategic board game. SUn damage to top of box. Will counts as 2 books for posting £62.50

53946 Armies of 1812: The French Army, Including Foreign Regiments in French Service and the Confederation of the Rhine v. 1 / VO PIvka 150p, v well iillus good condition Hbk £7.50

53947 SOLDIERS OF THE QUEEN : Wargames rules 1879-1900 / - Tabletop game rules. VGC pbk, Inc. QRF sheets etc and army lists £9.50

53948 ARMIES AND ENEMIES OF IMPERIAL ROME / Barker WRG Excellent condition 2nd edition pbk £20.00

53949 Armies and Enemies of Ancient China, 1027 B.C.-1286 A.D / Greer WRG publication VGC pbk £49.50

53950 Triumph of Chaos CDG + Comrades Guide. Russian Civil War. Clash of Arm Games. / - Open but unplayed strategic board game Cards still in shrink wrap £95.00
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