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Napoleons Imperium 1798-1815
BOARD GAME. 1-8 players Card driven global game. Medium complexity High solitaire. Each country has its own strengths and weaknesses. Available now for 149.95
Wargames rules for Corps Level Battles in WWII
Parker, C Grid based set of miniatures rules. 6mm - 15mm figures. Out Now for 22.50
Avenging Angels Faction Pack
KDM-11120 Latest Knuckleduster- Singles available as well under Gunfighters Ball Range. Just 23.99
DOOMSDAY PROJECT Episode One, The Battle For Germany 1982
Hex board wargame. 1-4 players, HIGH solitaire, 54x40" map. 12KM to the Hex. Available Now 99.95
Russian Gaz Trucks
  1/72 Scale Models
From The  Plastic Soldier Company. Remember spend over 30 on any figures, get free post Worldwide delivery. Just 26.50
Shadow Of The Eagles
Wargames Rules
& Army Lists

  French Revolutionary
& Napoleonic Wars
1792 - 1815
Flint, Keith 120p. Large format full colour hardback by the author of the Best Selling HONOURS OF WAR rules published by Osprey. Shadow of the Eagles is designed principally for what I think of as a classic historical wargame: that is, using 10-20 units per side, and lasting for a couple of hours; to be played at home or at your wargaming club. Just 29.50
Great War Rules
Plus Card Set
Allows playing the first skirmishes of 1914, the trench warfare that dominated the middle of the war and the combined arms tactics that were developed at the end of the war. Out Now 26.50
La Bataille De Hanau 1813
Hex tactical board wargame. 1-2 players, Medium Hi solitaire, Medium complexity. In English of course, Available now for 45.00
To Assure My Dynasty
1808 In Iberia
190p. All colour Hardback. 2 Historical campaigns with 13 complete scenarios. Designed ESR rules but useful for any set. over 2,000 uniform images. Out Now 52.50
Rival Empires in Central Asia 1837-1886
Card driven Hex board game. 2 player; Low complexity, medium solitaire suitability Full colour map Caspian to Tibet counters and cards. The Great Game is a card driven game (CDG), where players alternate moving officers (historical personalities) and troops across a point-to-point map of Central Asia in decade turns. Imperial powers strive to enlist vassal states such as Afghanistan and Bokhara into their camp through diplomacy or combat so an engaging game of move-counter move unfolds across the chessboard of Central Asia. Just 62.50
TOULON, 1793: Napoleon's First Great Victory
1-5 players. Board wargame Medium Complexity. Medium Solo. Operation points are at the heart of the system and combined with an innovative combat, loss and movement system generate a vast number of decision points for the players. Chrome comes in the form of spies, gendarmes, multi-national forces (and associated cooperation issues), reconnaissance, variable reinforcements and much more. The game map covers an area from Ollioules in the West to Sollies in the East and from Mount Farron in the North to Cap Cepet in the South. Only 53.50
Shakos And Bayonets Bundle: Rules And Card Deck
Napoleonic Supplement and Card deck. Out now and only 28.50
Shakos And Bayonets:
Card Deck
his is the card deck you'll need to use the armies in Shakos & Bayonets.
Available at 10.00
Shakos And Bayonets Bundle
M&T Rules; Shako Etc Supplement, And Card Deck
All you need to play Shakos and Bayonets except figures.
All for just 59.50
Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars, 1845 - 1872
1-2 player board wargame. Med-High Solitaire, Medium complexity 54.50
Hex strategic board wargame 1-2 or 4 player. Medium High Solitaire, medium complexity 52.50
Battle of Tanga, 1914 : Invasion of German East Africa
Hex tactical board wargame. 1-2 players, Medium solitaire, Medium - High complexity. 49.50
Trois Batailles en Allemagne (Auerstaedt/Le siege de Danzig/Jena)
Hex tactical board wargame. 1-2 players, Medium Hi solitaire, Medium complexity. In English of course. What ifs and 15 historical scenarios Available for 105.00
McCormack 180p. illus hbk. new narrative in which Japan's rightful place as a leading innovator in tank design and doctrine is restored 18.99
US Navy Gunboats 1885-1945 NEW VANGUARD 293
Shipping now 11.00
H29190 BATTLEGAMES MAGAZINE - BINDER & FIRST 12 ISSUES / - near mint 1st volume set of this great wargaming magazine Heavy! 59.50
H29196 Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 NEW VANGUARD 294 / Zaloga SHIPPING NOW 11.00
H29198 BAYONET: Osprey WEAPON 78 / - SHIPPING NOW 12.99
 H29219 Second to none;: The Royal Scots Greys--1919-1945 / Carver, Lieutenant-Colonel.R.M.P. 1 only Hardback.Publ. 1954.210 pages. Pull out campaign map. Cond. good.Personal signature and marking to outer cover. 125.00
 Second Hand and Shop Soiled Titles
50256 EBB & FLOW OF BATTLE: 1) 1809 Campaign / Heath, Peter Good condition pbk. Innovative set of big battle rules for Napoleonic gaming. Inc Orbats & Stats etc for the campaign 12.50
50257 EBB & FLOW OF BATTLE: 3) PENINSULAR Campaign / - Supplement to EBB& FLOW 1- Orbats & stats 9.50
50258 1814: The Fall of Empire The Companion to La Patrie En Danger / ZUcker, K Good condition large format. part ofa superb series 140 pages Diplomatic-military campaign narrative Regimental Order of Battle for major battles and smaller combats A day-by-day account of people and events Background details including maps and appendices 35.00
50259 NAPOLEON'S FAITHFUL VICEROY : Eugene de Beauharnais and his Italian army 1805 - 1814 / Tiirenvliet Near MInt. 236p. HBK. W well illus in colour. A military biography and study of the Organisation and uniforms of this, the first Italian Army 29.95
50260 Campaign of the Falieri and Piraeus in the Year 1827: Or, Journal of a Volunteer, Being the Personal Account of Captain Thomas Douglas Whitcomb / whitcombe near mint hardback reprint 35.00
50261 WARGAMING IN HISTORY 6 FIRST BULL RUN / Dreweienkiewicz, J MInt hardback with jacket but a couple of pages creased and crumbled 29.50
50263 Shipwreck of Their Hopes: THE BATTLES FOR CHATTANOOGA / Cozens 520p. near fine pbk Superb campaign history 12.50
50264 SHINING TIME VOL 3:The Horse Soldiers,Part 1 "THE DRAGOONS" 1776-1849 Guns,Gear,Uniform / - large format v well illus VGC pbk 35.00
50265 Collecting Old Toy Soldiers / McKenzie ex library but VG v well illus Hardback 5.00
50266 SHILOH 1862: THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE / Arnold hardback edition of teh OSPRET CAMPAIGN> near fine 9.50
50267 Shiloh Campaign: March-april 1862 (Great Campaigns) / Martin near fine hardback 11.50
50268 SHINING TIME VOL 11:The Horse Soldiers ,Part 1 "THE DRAGOONS" 1776-1849 Guns,Gear,Uniform / - - 25.00
50269 SHARPE PRACTICE 2ND ED RULES & CARD PACK - / - MInt but crease to rear cover 28.50
50270 SHAKO: NAPOLEONIC RULES 1st edition / - G/C Paperback 16.00
50271 Secret Camelot: Lost Legends of King Arthur / John Matthews (Author), Gary Andrews H. back. Publ. 1997.176 pages. Illustr. in colour, very good. 7.96
50272 Seminole Wars: America's Longest Indian Conflict (Florida History and Culture Series) / John Missall H.back. Publ. 2004.255 pages.Illustr. in bl. and wh. new.Looks unread. 17.99
50273 Septimius Severus in Scotland: The Northern Campaigns of the First Hammer of the Scots / Elliott, Simon Hardback.Publ. 2018.206 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new.Mint. 15.50
50274 Sketch of the Siege of Mooltan / Cole 90p near mint hardback facsimile reprint of Cole's account of this action in the Sikh wars 15.99
50275 1776-1777 Northern Campaigns of the American War for Independence and Their Sequel: Contemporary Maps of Mainly German Origin / M. Barker, Thomas & R. Huey, Paul Hardback. publ. 2010 207 Pages. B/w & Full colour illustrations and maps, Cond. Mint new condition, Very minor shelfwear. 45.00
50276 GORDON HIGHLANDERS: HISTORY AND UNIFORMS 1945-1994 / Whitecross, David Paperback. Print on demand.103 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new.Ex. display. 18.00
50278 Search for an effective police handgun, [paperback] Bristow, Allen P [Jan 01, 1973] / Bristow, Allen Hardback.Publ. 1973.246 pages.Like new.-small tear to front cover. 30.00
50279 Soldaderas in the Mexican Military: Myth and History / Salas ,Elizabeth Hard back, pub 1990 first edition, 163 p, blk /w photographs. good condition,some marking to cover and pages 18.75
50280 Seminole Wars / Buckmaster, Henrietta Hardback.Publ. 1996.153 pages. Illustrated with full bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond.v. good.Yellowing pages. 7.73
50281 Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban 1633-170 / Blomfield, Reginald Hardback, facsimile of 1938 edition published 1971, 216 pages. Like new, no dust jacket, otherwise fine. 110.00
50282 Secessionville: Assault On Charleston / Brennan 370p. near fine HBK. detailed maps 27.99
50283 Scotsmen in the Service of the Czars / Anderson, Ian G H.back. Publ. 1990.188 pages.Illustr. in bl. and wh. throughout. Cond. like new. 38.00
50284 Scottish Military Dress / Cochrane, Peter Hardback.Publ. 1987.128 pages. Illustrated with full colour`` illustrations. Cond. like new. 8.00
50285 The Sea Rover's Practice: Pirate Tactics and Techniques, 1630–1730 / Little, Benerson. Hardback.Publ. 2005.302 pages. Cond. mint. 25.00
50286 Second Anglo-Sikh War / Singh, Amarpal Paperback. Publ. 2016.613 pages. Illustrated with colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new.Mint.excellent campaign history. 6.42
50287 Second Manassas 1862: Robert E. Lee's Greatest Victory (Praeger Illustrated Military History.) / Langellier, John Hdbk, pub. 2004, 96 pages, b&w photographs and colour illustrations. Like new. 25.35
50288 SECOND SIKH WAR 1848-49 / Thackwell, Edward J Paperback, pub. 2009, copy of 1851 original, 126 pages. VG cond. 12.00
50289 TRADITION MAGAZINE HORS SERIES 32: LES TROUPES ETRANGER DE NAPOLEON 1) (FOREIGN TROOPS) / - 80p. large format full colour pbk, VGC FRENCH captions colour plates on every page: Confederation of the Rhine: AUstrians in teh Grand Army; POrutguese legion; Croatian Legion 25.00
50289 Samurai Swordsman Master of War / Turnbull, Stephen Hardback.Publ. 2008.208 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. 14.00
50290 Salmson Aircraft Of World War I (Great War Aircraft in Profile) / Owers, Colin. Paperback. Publ. 2001.117 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. 39.95
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