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Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: Scots Covenanters Starter Army. Warlord Games


    "Pre-Order- POST FREE WORLD WIDE.This boxed set contains: 12 Scots Covenanter regiments of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic) 12 Scots Covenanter frame guns (plastic) 12 mounted Scots Covenanter battalia commanders (plastic) 24 Scots Lancers (plastic) 24 Scots Dragoons (plastic) 60 dismounted Scots Dragoons (plastic) 3 mounted battalia commanders (plastic) 3 ensigns (plastic) 30 harquebusier cavalry (plastic) 18 commanded shotte (plastic) 6 Cuirassiers (plastic) 3 mounted cornets (plastic) 9 Dragoons (plastic) 15 dismounted Dragoons (plastic) 3 Saker medium guns (plastic) 3 Falconet light guns (plastic) Lord Leven (Warlord Resin) Marquis of Argyll (Warlord Resin) Calvinist Minister (Warlord Resin) 9 casualty markers (Warlord Resin) Plastic bases Full-colour flag sheet. FOR POST FREE WORLD WIDE YOU MUST ORDER Through the WARLORD GAMES section of the figures part of the catalogue. Otherwise you will be charged postage. IF in the UK and wanting insured express postage then order through this WARGAMES RULES entry"

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