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TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT SCENARIOS : To the Peace of the Pyrenees Europea...


    "Dorrell, N - Wimpfen, 6th May 1622 - Hochst, 20th June 1622 - Crossing the Lech, 15th April 1632 - Lutzen, 16th November 1632 - 1st Nordlingen, 6th September 1634 - Wittenweier, 9th August 1638 - Honnecourt, 26th May 1642 - 2nd Breitenfeld, 2nd November 1642 - Rocroi, 19th May 1643 - 2nd Lleida (Lerida), 15th May 1644 - Freiburg, 3rd & 5th August 1644 - Rochetta Tanaro, 23rd September 1653 (Franco-Spanish War) - Valenciennes, 16th July 1656 (Franco-Spanish War) - Dunes, 14th June 1658 (Franco-Spanish War) - Ameixial, 8th June 1663 (Portuguese Restoration War) "

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