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FORGOTTEN BATTLES :The West Wall - September 1944 to February 1945


    "Anschluss Publishing. Large format illustrated pbk. Latest in the series. covers the World War Two attempts by the Americans and British forces to break through the German 'West Wall', known by the Allies as 'The Siegfried Line' from September 1944 to February 1945, which included the hell of the Hurtgen Forest battles. This book is aimed at providing WW2 gamers with a series of scenarios which cover a range of types of engagements, unit size and variety of opposing forces, and including new rules for demolitions, assaults on armoured targets and panzerfausts as infantry artillery weapons, as well as new troop types and armoured vehicles. There are 20 scenarios as well as detailed historical accounts with the scenarios designed to be used with any rules set, down to company and even platoon level. This book is of interest to anyone interested in World War 2, not just wargamers. "

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