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D-DAY TO BERLIN : Six Panzer Armee - Scenario 1: The Battle of the Bulge


    "Innovative fast play grid based set of WWII rules. 6mm-20mm. 6th Panzer Armee is a two or more player scenario for D-Day to Berlin depicting the northern shoulder of Hitler's surprise attack Wacht am Rhein. This was located in the Ardennes in December,1944, commonly known as the Battle of the Bulge. In this scenario the area of concentration is roughly from Monschau to just north of St. Vith, from December 16th to the 19th, 1944 when the German attack still had a chance to cross the Meuse. This scenario includes: Customized Map Order of Battle for both Allied and German forces Special rules for the scenario New rules for D-Day to Berlin"

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