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CHECK YOUR SIX : PINING FOR THE FJORDS : Check your 6 scenario for the invasion ...


    " The book provides three campaigns and 25 scenarios covering operation westbound Nord, the German invasion of Norway in the spring of 1940. The first 11 scenarios begin with each sides attempts to interdict enemy fleet units just prior to the invasion and continues until bomber command leaves Norway at the end of April to prepare for the battle of France. The next 6 scenarios cover the month of may and include a Stuka attack against HMS ark royal, the deployment of 46 squadron (hurricanes) and the second deployment of 263 squadron (gladiators). The book ends with 8 scenarios depicting the last aerial combats before the allied withdrawal from Norway, British attempts to get revenge upon KMS Scharnhorst for the sinking of HMS glorious, and one showing that an allied air presence over Norway would continue until liberation. Scenarios can be played as one-offs, linked as a mini-campaign, or joined as the whole campaign."

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