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GERMAN STATES AGAINST NAPOLEON: Brunswickers, Russo-German Legion And Saxon Duch...


    "Smith, Digby 288pp., 32 maps, 17 OOBs and 16 tables, includes chapters by Stephen Summerfield with details of uniforms & flags with black & white illustrated. 2022. This volume covers minor German states that fought against the French (1796-1815) based upon three regimental histories. In 1809, the Black Brunswickers made their valiant march to the North Sea after the defeat of Austria. They fought in Spain (1810-14) and at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. The Russo-German Legion was formed by the Russians from mainly German "Volunteers" in 1812 before it transferred to British pay. The rifle armed Saxe-Weimar Scharpschutzen Battalion fought with the Prussians at Auerstedt in 1806. In 1807, the contingent formed the III/4th Rheinbund "Saxon Duchies" Regiment that fought in the Tyrol (1809), the Peninsular War (1810-11), near Vilnius in 1812 and the defence of Danzig (1813). The captured Thuringian Battalion fought against Napoleon at Leipzig (1813)."

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