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H25584 FRANKENHAUSEN 1525  / Doug Miller 140p. very well ill inc colour.  Superb campaign and battlefield study. Colour plates and maps £25.00 


H25589 MARSHAL NEY AT QUATRE BRAS: New perspectives on the opening battle of the Waterloo campaign  / Dawson. P 244p  mint hbk,Makes good use of French sources to re-balance the accounts of the battle £21.50 

H25590 GERMAN COLOURS 1945: Camouflage profile guide  / -  70p. large format. 200 + full l colour illus. Cammo. guide.' Includes 1945+  What ifs.  £19.50 

H25591 WILLIAM DOBSON : THE KING's PAINTER  / JOnes 166p. illus first biography of the painter of Royalist officers in Oxford; and a list of all his paintings £15.00 

H25592 INDIGENT OFFICERS 1663 : Royalist officers rewarded by CHARLES II  / - - £19.99 

H25593 Uniforms of Russian Army during the years 1825-1855. Vol. 1: GRENADIERS MARINES AND INFANTRY  / Viskovatov 128p, v well illus.  £32.50 

H25594 Uniforms of Russian Army during the years 1825-1855. Vol. 2) Carabiniers, Jagers, Rifles, and cuirassiers  / - 140p. v well illus in colour £32.50 

H25595 Uniforms oRussian Army during the years 1825-1855. Vol.3)  DRAGOONS, HORSE-Jagers, Lancers and Hussars  / Viskatov 180p.   140p full page plates v well illus in colour. £32.50 

H25596 Uniforms of Russian Army during the years 1825-1855. Vol. 4) Gendarmes, Train, Artillery, Sappers & Pioneers  / Viskovatov 144o. 110 full page plates, most in colour £32.50 

H25597 YANKEE PEAS AND CRACKERS: Wargames ruls for the American War of Independence  / Flint - £8.50 

45508 REALITIES OF WAR, THE   / Patry, Leonce H.back, Publ.2001, 383 pages, B&W maps, condition as new. £6.50 

45509 Warfare in the Age of Napoleon-Volume 6: The South of France Campaign, the Campaign of 1814 and the Campaign to the Battle of Waterloo 1813-1815  /  Theodore A. Dodge S.back, Publ.2011, 449 pages, b&w illustrations  £11.25 

45510 TANK BATTLES OF WORLD WAR I  / Cooper, Bryan H.back, Publ.2014, 84 pages, b&w photography, condition as new. £10.00 


45512 SOLDIER OF THE SEVENTY-FIRST  / Hibbert, Christopher H.back, Publ.1975, 119 pages, condition very good. £3.50 

45513 WESTMORLAND AND CUMBERLAND YEOMANRY (THE UNIFORMS OF THE BRITISH YEOMANRY FORCE 1794-1914)  / L Barlow s. Back, condition as new, B&W photography & illustrations,  £9.50 

45514  SEVEN WEEKS WAR  / Sir H.M. Hozier H. Back, Publ 1871, 521 Pages, b&w map, condition excellent for age, no dust jacket. £25.00 

45515 20th Century Defences in Britain: Suffolk  / Osborne, Mike s. Back, Publ 2008, 176 Pages, B&W photography, condition as new. £19.50 

45516 SAMURAI, THE   / Turnbull Steven  H. Back, colour illustrations and photography, condition as new. £7.95 

45518 SCALE MILITARY FIGURE CONVERSIONS  / Howarth, Duncan S. Back, condition good, published 2008, 176 pages, colour photography, modeling guide. £3.95 

45519 SAMURAI SWORDSMEN, THE   / Turnbull, Stephen H. Back, Publ 2008, 208 Pages, colour photography, condition as new . £11.50 

45520 SHALLOW GRAVE: A MEMOIR OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR   / Gregory, Walter  S. Back, Publ 1996, 188 Pages, B&W map, condition as new. £6.00 

45521 SELEUCID ARMY: ORGANIZATION AND TACTICS IN THE GREAT CAMPAIGNS: ORGANISATION AND TACTICS IN THE GREAT CAMPAIGNS   / Bar-Kochva, Bezalel H. Back, Publ 1988, 305 Pages, monochrome maps & photography, condition as new . £26.00 

45522 SELECTED ESSAYS AND REVIEWS, ALSO HIS LAST LETTERS FROM THE FRONT  / Coleridge Watson, Herbert  H. Back, Publ 1919, 111 Pages, monochrome etchings maps & photography, condition worn, no dust jacket. £23.50 

45523 STORIES OF WATERLOO  / Colonel Maxwell H. Back, 382 Pages, condition good some shelf wear to edges. £28.95 

45526 SEAFARERS, MERCHANTS AND PIRATES IN THE MIDDLE AGES  / Dirk Meier H. Back, Publ 2006, 194 Pages, monochrome & colour illustrations & pix  , condition smart some shelf wear ono dust jacket. £9.30 

45527 SAXON SHORE: A HANDBOOK  / Maxfield, Valerie A.  s. Back, Publ 1978, 178 Pages, Colour maps, condition as new. £5.90 

45528 SCARECROW MEN: THE SWORD OF ALBION TRILOGY BOOK 2, THE   / Chadbourn, Mark  s. Back, Publ 2011, 554 Pages,condition as new. £3.00 

45529 LIFE IN WELLINGTON'S ARMY  / James, Antony Brett H. Back, Publ 1994, 357 Pages, B&W illustrations, condition as new. £2.50 

45530 PARADOXES OF DEFENCE  / Silver, George  s. Back, Publ 1933, 72Pages, photography, condition good for age; shelf wear on cover. £22.00 

45531 IN TIMES OF PERIL: MEMOIRS OF THE IRISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE  / Kearns, Linda  s. Back, 27 pages, condition good, pamphlet. £6.50 

45532 THOMAS ALLEN'S WAR GAMES PROFESSIONAL WARGAMING 1945-1985  / John, Curry. Alan, Thomas. s. Back, condition good, strategic manual. £5.00 

45533 TORIES, DONS AND REBELS: AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN BRITISH WEST FLORIDA  / Barton Star, J. H. Back, Publ 1976, 278 Pages, condition good for age shelf wear to dust jacket. £22.50 

45534 GARDENERS OF SALONIKA. THE MACEDONIAN CAMPAIGN 1915-1918  / Palmer, Alan H.back.Publ. 1965. Ist edition. 286 pages.Some bl. and wh. photographs.Dust jacket protected. Excellent condition for age.Personal inscription on title page £28.00 

45535 HITLER'S BANKER  / Weitz, John H.back.Publ. 1997. Minor shelf wear to dust cover. Interior very good. 361 pages. £68.50 

45536 SONS OF THE REICH - II SS PANZER CORPS  / Reynolds, Michael Hardback, 2002 1st edition, 360 pages B&W Photographs and maps. Minor shelf wear to dust cover.  £3.50 

45537 LOYALTY IS MY HONOUR: PERSONAL ACCOUNTS FROM THE WAFFEN SS  / Williamson, Gordon  Hardback, 1995 1st edition, 192 pages B&W Photographs. Minor shelf wear to dust cover.  £4.00 

45538 32ND SS-FREIWILLEGEN-GRENADIER-DIVISION 30. JANUAR  / Michaekis, Rolf  Hardback, 2008 1st edition, 140 ages B&W Photographs. Minor shelf wear. £13.95 

45539 KHARTOUM THE ULTIMATE IMPERIAL ADVENTURE  / Asher, Michael  Hardback, 2005 1st edition, 450 pages. Minor shelf wear to dust cover.  £3.50 

45540 WAFFEN SS DIVISIONS 1939-45  / Bishop, Chris Hardback, 2007. 192 pages, minor shelf wear to dustcover, interior good. Colour and B&W illustrations and photographs £3.95 

45541 PANZERGRENADIER DIVISIONS 1939-45  / Bishop, Chris Hardback, 2007. 192 pages, minor shelf wear to dustcover, interior good. Colour and B&W illustrations and photographs £6.50 

45542 CLIVE THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A BRITISH EMPEROR  / Harvey, Robert Hardback, 1998 £8.25 


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