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H25461 ROMMEL : Sam Mustapha  WWII rules  / - Due early September. Rules for WWII European and Mediterranean theaters uses grid for movement and combat. Units represent companies and battalions with player as Division commander. Can use minis or 'unit cards' on grid. Includes 13 army lists and rules for amphibious and airborne operations, cavalry, minefields, pioneer, special assault units, and more.  £29.50 

H25462 DER KERIS IM MAGISCHEN WELTBILD/KI SUDAMALA.  / Kerner, M near mint pbk £35.00 

H25463 FRENCH KNIGHTS XV AD - 8036  / ZVEZDA - £10.79 


H25465 GOTHS: Conquerors of the Roman Empire  / MacDowall 160p. mint hbk illus The Gothic campaigns with  and against Rome and other tribes. Detailed analysis of battles and the evolution of the Visigoths and Ostrogoths; and their final destruction £18.50 

45254 WARGAMES CAMPAIGNS  / Featherstone, Donald near fine hardback no jacket first printing 1970 £10.00 

45255 ARMIES OF THE MIDDLE AGES 1)  / Heath good condition only £20.00 

45256 Operation Barbarossa and Germany's Defeat in the East (Cambridge Military Histories)  / Stahel vgc pbk £15.95 

45257 SONS OF THE REICH:  II SS PANZER CORPS  / Reynolds,  M E/C Hardback 370p. ill £15.50 

45258 Kiev 1941: Hitler's Battle for Supremacy in the East   / Stahel 470p, ill near fine with with slight wear to jacket £20.00 

45259 Rhodesian War: A Military History   / Moorcroft, P  200p. ill near mint £12.50 

45261 Battle of Kursk (Modern War Studies)  / Glantz & House 470p, ill near fine with with slight wear to jacket maps £13.50 

45262 Crumbling Empire: The German Defeat in the East, 1944  / MItcham 300p. vgC hbk. ill Praegar press £16.00 

45263 Battle That Shook Europe: Poltava and the Birth of the Russian Empire  / Englund near mint pbk £9.00 

45264 FEATHERSTONE'S COMPLETE WARGAMING  / - near mint hbk. v well ill in colour £15.00 

45265 Killing Fields of Scotland: AD83 to 1746   / Pugh 280p. near mint hbk. Compendium of Scottish battles £7.50 

45266 Macedonian War Machine 359-281 BC: Armies of Philip, ALexander and the Successors  / Karunanithy 350p. mint hbk. well illus in colur. Pretty essential  stuff £11.50 

45267 Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944-45  / Buttar near fine hardback £30.00 

45268  SS Hunter Battalions: The Hidden History of the Nazi Resistance Movement 1944-5  / Biddiscombe  450 near fine pbk.  £10.00 

45269 Tank Tactics: From Normandy to Lorraine   / Jarymowycz  352p. near fine pbk. detailed look at tank encounters £10.00 

45270 No Holding Back: Operation Totalize, Normandy, August 1944   / Reid 490p. ill near fine hbk. detailed study of the operation £42.50 

45271 BATTLES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: VOLLEY & BAYONET RULES SUPPLEMENT  / - Wargames scenarios and period specific  rules.  GDW   very good condition £20.00 

45272 Waterloo in 100 Objects  / - 320p. Very wel ill in colour.  near mint. Facsinating hardback Artefacts, uniforms, weapons, accoutrements , mementos etc £4.50 

45273 Hill 112: Cornerstone of the Normandy Campaign  / Major How, MC near mint hardback. illus £32.50 


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