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Our new MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN Colonial rules have certainly caused a stir and our flying out
Here's a link to the game cards for those of you with a copy, courtesy of  our old friends at MINIATURE WARGAMES , thanks John

H26262 JANE'S NAVAL WEAPONS SYSTEMS  volumeFORTY FIVE (45) 2006  / Hooton (ed) 720p. v well illus 1 only £125.00 

H26263 STORY  of the Fifth Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, together with a short account of their illustrious parent regiments the Fifth Princess ... Guards and the Sixth Inniskilling Dragoons  / James 1 only 1951 edition.  450p. illus. VGC HARDBACK no jacket £145.00 

H26264 LACE WARS  PART 2  / Funcken near fine Hardback ENGLIST TEXT  1 only £48.50 

H26265 BATTLE FOR WARGAMERS and  SOLDIER ON MAGAZINE  / - 1 only . properly bound in a red binder.  Vol 5 - 4 issues 1978 for BATTLE (INc Hyboria Campaign) + 1st three issues of SOLDIER ON  uniform, modelling and wargame mag - inc colour plates £35.00 

H26266 CALENDAR OF THE PROCEEDINGS  of the Committee for Advance of Money 1642-1656  / - 3 volumes , 1800 pages large quality  facsimile reprint by Kraus. Important ECW primary source. ONce owned by BRigadier Peter Young but almost uniquely not annotated in red biro- something he did with most of his books, irrespective of age!! £250.00 

H26268 ENGLISH CIVIL WAR FLAGS : English & Scots Foot Regiments  / Archibald 70p. full colour paperback. Good quick reference. Note that many of the Scots regiments are still using the old regimental attributions . A good  basic guide  £12.50 

H26269 1915-1918 THE GREAT WAR IN COLOUR -ITALIAN & AUSTRIAN FRONT  / - 94p. pbk. 80+ colorised scarce photos of Italian & AUstrian troops. Italian & English Text £23.95 


H26271 PANTHER-X - KONFLIKT '47 - WARLORD GAMES  / WARLORD GAMES Post fee world wide £24.25 

H26272 Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov with Ursus guards  / WARLORD GAMES POst free world wide £22.50 

H26273 Soviet Mastodon Heavy Walker - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES Post free world wide £52.99 

H26274 Sd .Kfz 234/X Puma - KONFLIKT '47   / WARLORD GAMES -Post free world wide £24.50 

H26275 M8A3 Tesla Scout - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES - £24.20 

H26276 US Armoured Officers - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES post free world wide if you spend over 320 £8.50 

H26277 British Galahad Armoured Infantry Officers - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES - £8.50 

H26278 British War Dog Squad  - KONFLIKT '47   / WARLORD GAMES - £8.50 

H26279 Japanese Battle-Frame Infantry Officers - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES - £8.50 

H26280 German Heavy Armour Platoon Officers - KONFLIKT '47  / WARLORD GAMES - £8.50 

H26281 German Specialist Medic Team  / WARLORD GAMES - £8.80 

H26283 Virai Dronescourge First Instance - BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES   / WARLORD GAMES - £13.20 

H26284 Virai Dronescourge Defender Squad - BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES   / WARLORD GAMES - £12.99 

H26285 Virai Dronescourge Constructor Squad - BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES   / WARLORD GAMES - £12.99 

H26286 Virai Dronescourge Weapon drone with Flamer Array - BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES  / WARLORD GAMES - £8.50 

H26287 Virai Dronescourge STAA Probe Shard - BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES   / WARLORD GAMES - £5.25 

46776 Sussex In The Great Civil War And The Interregnum, 1642-1660  / Thompson 353p. HBK 1910 edition Good condition, wear to spine £50.00 

46777 WHITE ARMY  / Denekin, General 318p. ex lib. good. final page loose. Memoirs of the White army supreme commander  £15.00 

46778 EMPIRES BY CONQUEST 2) 1905-1945  / Onacewicz 320p. maps large format HBK no dust jacket. The military expansion of Russia Campaigns against the WHites, Finns, Poles,Japanese and of course Germans £39.50 

46779 BOLT ACTION CAMPAIGN: THE ROAD TO BERLIN  / - Near mint £11.50 

46780 His Majesty's Sloop of War Diamond Rock  / STuart 200p. VGC HBK. Fascinating account of the British defence of a rock near Martinique that threatened the French Fleets. Villeneuve himself was sent to re-take it £9.50 

46781 To Battle: The Formation and History of the 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division   / Melnyk 400p. v well illus pbk. near mint £19.50 

46782 French Infantry Organizations c1727-1763 (Nosworthy's Tactical Study Series)   / Nosworthy 88p. pbk. near fine but centre pages loose £20.00 

46783 TO THE SOUND OF GUNS: Napoleonic rules from Tabletop games  / - near mint pbk Inc cheat sheet £6.50 

46784 WAR GAMES RULES : 1925-1950  / - WRG 1973 edition Near mint . Inc QRF £6.50 

46785 SWORD AND THE FLAMES RULES : Third edition  / - BOx set of rules. Revised edition plus supplemental rules in one, + Sets of QRF.  Missing plastic figures and regular card deck and dice.  Wear to box on front £35.00 

46786 CORNER OF HELL Section & Platoon level skirmish WWII rules + SUPPLEMENT  / Peers, Chris 2 volumes. near fine. SUpplement inc organisation and additional rules £29.50 

46787 TABLE TOP ARMIES: Table top wargaming  / Smith, Mike Grid based rules, any era, any scale. 1st edition near mint £4.50 

46788 WARGAMING HISTORY: GOTHS ,HUNS AND ROMANS   / MacDowall vgc pbk £6.50 

46789 SPANISH INFANTRY OF THE EARLY PENINSULAR WAR 1)  UNIFORMS ORGANISATION & EQUIPMENT OF THE LINE & MILITIA  / Cronin & Summerfield near mint hbk, slight wear to jacket £31.50 


46791 Forging Napoleon's Grande Armée: Motivation, Military Culture, and Masculinity in the French Army, 1800-1808  / HUghes  290p. mint hbk but no jacket £24.00 

46792 WELLINGTON IN INDIA: A WARGAMERS GUIDE  / Grant & Asquith near mint large format paperback Scenarios, uniform details and a set of rules £12.00 

46793 RENAISSANCE TO RSTORATIONplus SALLY FORTH supplement: Wargames rules for the Pike & Shot era  / Bailey near mint 1991. larger battles in  6mm- 20mm but useful for any scale. SUpplement for SIeges and outside EUrope £8.00 

46794 DE BELLIS VELITUM  / Barker, Phil small set of Ancient/ Medieval individual skimish rules by Mr Barker £5.00 

46795 ALAMO TO APPOMATTOX plus  ONWARDS TO RICHMOND  / Rugby near mints pbks. 2mm- 10mm  but adaptable for larger. Supplement is a Campaign system for the ACW £9.50 

46796 FOR, LORDS, TOMORROW IS A BUSY DAY : Wargams rules for the Wars of the Roses  / - near mint large format pbk. any scale of figures. published by Realistic Modelling £15.00 

46797 SKIPPON's BRAVE BOYS  The Origins, Development and Civil War Service of London's Trained Bands   / Embleton large format near fine Hardback. v well illus with S Beck drawings £19.50 

46798 Sir John Norreys And The Elizabethan Military World  / Nolan 322p. near mint HBK. MIlitary biography £42.50 

46799 EL TERCIO  / Ramos 160p.Near mint HBK  Very large format, very well illustrated book on the SPANISH FOREIGN LEGION 1920a- C21st. A lot of colour uniform and flag plates SPANISH TEXT £40.00 


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