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WARLORD are re-releasing the Wargames Factory Samurai as part of  their new Game. We have god stocks still of most of the Wargames Factory  ranges

Don't forget your pre-orders for CAVALIER this Sunday and HAMMERHEAD next

H25119 UNIFORMS OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY DURING THE NAPOLEONIC WARS  10) Cavalry: Cuirassiers, Dragoons & Horse-Jägers:  / Viskovatov 122p. v well ilus in colour £32.50 

H25120 UNIFORMS OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY DURING THE NAPOLEONIC WARS  11) CAVALRY : HUSSARS, LANCERS, GENDARMES  and The Tran  / Viskovatov 140p. mostly colour illus £32.50 

H25121 GERMAN MOTORISED INFANTRY REGIMENT  / US ARMY SPECIAL SERIES 4 mint reprint of 1942. Translation of German 1941 tactical manual German War Office Mint paperback reprint. 62pp. This is a translation of an official German manual on the Motorized Infantry Regiment. The manual covers the tactics of the motorized infantry regiment and battalion in the German Army. It covers weapons, tactics, doctrines of attack and defence and special situations. Also includes organisational details. Of real value to the student of infantry. £7.50 

H25122 TACTICAL HANDLING OF THE ARMOURED DIVISION AND ITS COMPONENTS  / WAR OFFICE 85p. reprint of British 1943 training manual . Inc maps and training scenarios/ Ideal FLAMES OF WAR £9.00 

H25123 WARLORD BOLT ACTION 28mm IS-2 Heavy Tank Plastic Kit  / - post free worldwide with another item, £17.50 

H25124 Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Gebirgstruppe 1915 bis heute  / Kaltenegger, Roland Hardback. 309p. Well illustrated. Written in German. Slight shelf wear with black marks to back cover. Internally excellent. Ex Libris of C. R. J Tapster. £30.00 

H25125 TEST OF HONOUR : Samurai Miniatures Game from WARLORD  / - post free world wide pre-order price £31.50 

H25126 FN MINIMI LIGHT MACHINE GUN  / McNab Osprey Weapon 53 £11.50 

H25127 IMPERIAL ROMAN WARSHIPS 193-565AD  / - Osprey NVG  244 £9.50 

H25128 DARWIN 1942: Japanese attack on Australia  / ALford Osprey Campaign 304 £12.50 

H25129 MODERN RUSSIAN ARMY 1992-2016  / Galeotti OSPREY ELITE 217 £10.00 

H25130 NEW ZEALAND INFANTRYMAN vs GERMAN MOTORCYLCE SOLDIER  -GREECE & CRETE 1941  / Greentree Osprey combat 23 £11.50 

H25131 SPITFIRE II/V vs BF109F : Channel Front  / Holmes Osprey Duel 67 £11.50 

H25132 SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOUR OF THE BORDER WAR 1975-89  / Harmse & Dunstan Osprey NVG 243 £9.50 

H25133 TEST OF HONOUR: COMPLETE BUNDLE  / - post free world wide pre-order price. Test of Honour - the Samurai Miniatures Game Dice & Cards Expansion Set: Ronin : Pauper Soldiers : Masked Men : Mounted Samurai £89.50 

H25134 TEST OF HONOUR MASKED MEN  / - post free world wide pre-order price £16.00 

H25134 TEST OF HONOUR: MOUNTED SAMURAI  / - 6  28mm plastic figures plus cards £13.50 

H25135 TEST OF HONOUR: PAUPER SOLDIERS  / - post free world wide pre-order price £16.00 

H25135 GOTHIC  - In Her Majesty's Name Supplement  / - - £11.50 

H25136 TEST OF HONOUR: RONIN  / - post free world wide pre-order price £10.00 

H25136 BURN & LOOT STARTER SET : Fireforge games  / - POST FREE WORLDWIDE . Everything you need to play Burn & Loot.  Two small armies: 2 Mounted Characters, 16 Knights (up to 6 on barded horses), 24 Foot Sergeants, 20 Heavy Men at Arms, 8 Crossbowmen, 8 Bowmen and a Medieval Cottage.  This box also contains a FREE set of rulers (9 and 6 inches), 12 six sided dice and a copy of Burn & Loot rulebook A5 format. £95.00 

H25137 TEST OF HONOUR: SAMURAI WARBAND  / - post free world wide pre-order price £18.00 

H25138 TEST OF HONOUR : DICE & CARDS  / - - £9.50 

44273 Construction of Hadrian's Wall  / Hill, Peter Paperback. Publ 2006. 160p. Mint condition. £5.00 

44274 Conquest: The English Kingdom of France  / Barker, Juliet Paperback. Publ 2009. 485p. Some colour illustrations. Mint condition. £5.00 

44275 Craufurd's Light Division  / Fletcher, Ian Hardback. Publ 1991. 240p. Some illustrations. Slight shelf wear. Internally mint. £19.50 

44276 Crater: Burnside's Assault on The Confederate Trenches, June 30 1864  / Cannan, John Paperback. 167p. Black & white images and campaign maps throughout. Slight shelf edge wear. Internally excellent. £15.00 

44277 Coward of Minden: The Affair of Lord George Sackville  / Mackesy, Piers Hardback. Publ 1979. 279p. Near mint.  £25.00 

44278 Courtship and Constraint: Rethinking the making of marriage in Tudor England  / O'Hara. Diane Paperback. 276p. Slight shelf edge wear but internally very good.  £9.50 

44279 Countdown to War: A Personal memoir of Europe 1938-1940  / Cox, Geoffrey Hardback. Publ 1988. 229p. Very minor shelf edge wear. Mint. £7.00 

44280 Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy  / Reilly, Tom Paperback. Publ 1999. 316p. Slight shelf wear. Like new. £72.00 

44281 Crimean Doctors: A History of the British Medical Services in the Crimean War (Volume Two)  / Shepherd, John Paperback. Publ 1991. 662p. Minor shelf wear.  £19.99 

44282 Crimean War (War Correspondents)  / Lambert, Andrew & Badsey, Stephen Hardback. Publ 1997. 335p. Some black & white illustrations. Some shelf edge wear and minor marks to covers. Internally mint. £6.50 

44283 Crimean Uniforms: British Artillery (Volume 2)   / Wilkinson-Latham, Robert Hardback. Publ 1973. 79p. Black & white illustrations throughout. No dust jacket but excellent condition. £22.00 

44284 Creating Miniature Kinghts: Cavalieri in Miniatura  / Greenhill, Peter & Venturi, Mario Hardback. Publ 2005. 181p. Colour images throughout. Slight shelf edge wear but internally mint.  £60.00 

44285 Cromwell and Communism: Socialism and Democracy in the Great English Revolution  / Bernstein, Eduard Paperback. Publ 1980. 287p. Minor shelf wear and little pen mark to front cover. Internally mint. £8.00 

44286 Cromwell, Our Chief of Men  / Fraser, Antonia Hardback. Publ 1973. 774p. Some storage wear to dust jacket but internally mint. £4.00 

44289 Cross & Crescent in the Balkans: The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern Europe  / Nicolle, David Hardback. Publ 2010. 256p. Mint condition. £13.50 

44290 For Czar & Country: A History of the Russian Guard Corps 1941-1945  / Munoz, Antonio J Paperback. Publ 2006. 54p. Slight shelf wear.  £12.00 

44291 Custer's Defeat & Other Conflicts in the West  / - Paperback. Publ 1979. 110p. Black & white images throughout. Some shelf wear with crease and small tear to bottom front cover. Internally good. £23.00 

44292 Curling Letters of the Zulu War: 'There Was Awful Slaughter'  / Greaves, Adrian & Best, Brian Paperback. Publ 2009. 158p. Very minor shelf edge wear. Mint condition. £5.00 

44293 Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture  / Cobain, Ian Hardback. Publ 2012. 345p. Slight shelf wear but otherwise mint condition. £7.00 

44294 Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry: Dress Uniforms of the German Imperial Cavalry 1900-1914  / Fosten, D. S. V Hardback. Publ 1973. 136p. Images throughout. Slight shelf edge wear. Internally excellent. £27.50 

44295 Darfur: A Short History of a Long War  / Flint, Julie & De Waal, Alex Paperback. Publ 2005. 152p. Mint condition. £5.00 

44296 Das Reich: 2nd SS Panzer Division - Drive to Normandy, June 1944 (Battleground Europe: France South West)  / Vickers, Philip Paperback. Publ 2003. 188p. Black & white images throughout. Minor shelf wear but otherwise mint condition. £5.00 

44297 Davy Crockett's Riproarious Shemales and Sentimental Sisters: Women's Tall Tales from the Crockett Almanacs (1835-1856)  / Lofaro, Michael A Hardback. Publ 2001. 330p. Some shelf wear to dust jacket but internally excellent. £9.00 

44298 Day of Concordan Lexington: The Nineteenth of April, 1775  / French, Allen Hardback. Publ 1984. 295p. No dust jacket. Mint condition. £33.00 

44299 D Day to VE Day: General Eisenhower's Report 1944-1945  / Coates, Tim Paperback. Publ 2000. 378p. Mint condition - slight shelf wear. £5.00 

44300 Death in the Jungle: Diary of a Navy Seal  / Smith, Gary R & Maki, Alan Hardback. In shrinkwrap. Mint condition. £18.00 

44302 Deeds of Valour: A Victorian Military and Naval History Trilogy  / Bancroft, James W Hardback. Publ 1994. 146p. Some black & white illustrations. Some shelf edge wear but otherwise excellent condition. £4.00 

44303 Degaev Affair: Terror and Treason in Tsarist Russia  / Pipes, Richard Paperback. Publ 2003. 153p.  Cover has shelf wear marks. £6.00 

44304 Despatches from the Front: Western Front 1917-1918  / Grehan, John & Mace, Martin Hardback. Publ 2014. 252p. Mint condition. £13.00 

44305 Deutsche Gebirgsjager im Zweiten Weltkrieg  / Kaltenegger, Roland Hardback. Publ 1977. 352p. Black & white images and campaign maps throughout. Text in German. Dust jacket has some wear and tear and page edges are a little dirty.  £20.00 

44306 Der Kampf um Ostpreussen  / - Hardback. Publ 2002. 227p. Text in German. Very good condition. £8.00 

44307 De Nederlandse Cavalerie   / Forbes Wels, P Paperback. Publ 1963. 122p. Text in German. Some shelf wear but internally a good copy. £9.00 

44308 Dictionary of War Quotations  / Wintle, Justin Hardback. Publ 1989. 506p. A little wear and tear to dust jacket. Internally excellent. £5.00 

44309 Diary of a World War I Cavalry Officer  / Home, Sir Archibald Hardback. Publ 1985. 216p. Some black & white images. Some storage wear. Internal page edges starting to yellow. £12.00 

44310 Die Uniformen der Infanterie 1933 - 1945  / Horn, Werner Hardback. New, still wrapped. German text.  £30.00 

44311 Discovering the Civil War in Nottinghamshire  / Ingham, Sharon Paperback. Publ 1992. 44p. Illustrations throughout. Some shelf wear and crease to back cover. A good, clean copy. £5.00 

44313 Die Geschichte der Deutschen Gebirgstruppe 1915 bis heute  / Kaltenegger, Roland Hardback. 309p. Well illustrated. Written in German. Slight shelf wear with black marks to back cover. Internally excellent. Ex Libris of C. R. J Tapster. £30.00 

44314 Die Rote Armee: Uniformen in Farbe  / Schalito, Anton Paperback. Publ 1995. Colour images throughout. Text in German. Slight shelf wear. Internally mint. £7.50 

44315 Discovering British Military Badges and Buttons  / Wilkinson-Latham, Robert Paperback. Publ 1994. 88p. Some storage wear to covers but internally excellent. £4.00 

44316 Discovering Famous Battles: Ancient Warfare  / Fletcher, Jeff Paperback. Publ 1974. 56p. Some storage wear to covers and page edges slightly yellowing. A good, readable copy. £4.00 

44317 Disordered Land  / Cannam, Helen Hardback. Publ 1995. 500p. Some shelf wear to dust jacket and page edges yellowing. Otherwise great condition. £5.00 

44318 Documentary History of Dunmore's War  / Thwaites, Reuben Gold & Kellogg, Louise  Paperback. Publ 1989. 472p. Some shelf edge wear with little crease to front, bottom corner. Light markings to page edges otherwise excellent condition. £23.00 


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