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Apologies for spamming you twice in one week but the Latest release form the hugely popular TANKS game are about to hit and with our discounted + post free pre-order deals we didn't want you to miss out

H25325 Desperado Deluxe Starter  WILD WEST TOWN Set 28mm  / - KDP4-8 MDF Buildings with Metal cast doors and windows, inlcudes rules and starter set booklet and reference sheet £150.00 

H25326 Cowtown Smitty 28mm  / -  KDM-13102 MDF Building from Knuckleduster £27.50 

H25327 COWTOWN Saloon 28mm  / - KDM-13103 MDF building from Knuckleduster £33.50 

H25328 Cowtown Store 28mm  / - Cowtown Store MDF building from Knuckleduster - KDM-13101 £27.50 

H25329 Outhouse 28mm  / - KDM-13105  MDF building from Knuckleduster £6.50 

H25330 Lionel Tarr's Modern Wargaming Rules 1939-1945: The First Modern Wargamer  / - Classic rules, with previoulsy unpublished material on the Eastern front campaign.  £12.50 

H25331 Little Cold Wars : Wargaming the Cold War Using Toy Soldiers  / Gow, T Brings H G WELLS up to date, well, up to the 1980s £12.50 

H25332 Bruce Quarrie's Tank Battles in Miniature Volume 5: A Wargamer's Guide to the Arab-Israeli Wars 1948-1973   / Quarries, Bruce classic reprint £13.99 

H25333 Arms and Uniforms: Age of Chivalry, v3   / Funcken near mint hardback. full colour Renaissance volume. ENglish text. 1 only £41.00 

H25334 WARHAMMER HISTORICAL THE GREAT WAR  / - very good  2nd hand £42.50 

H25336 CATAPHRACTS: KNIGHTS OF THE ANCIENT EASTERN EMPIRES  / Anderson 195p. mint hbk. Weapons, Equipment & Tactics, Battle accounts and effectivenesses £18.99 


H25338 GLORIES TO USELESS HEROISM. THE AMERICAN JOURNALS OF COMTE MAURÈS DE MALARTIC, 1755-1760  / Raffle 324. ‘These are the facts and notes taken by a soldier on campaign, written daily, sometimes in a tent, sometimes in a canoe, today in the presence of the enemy, tomorrow in conference with a tribe of savages.’ This succinct description is taken from the original French edition of the journal of Comte Maurès de Malartic. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of a French soldier. Malartic, major of the Régiment de Béarn, sailed to the North American colony of New France in 1755 as France responded to British forces sent out to Virginia in the same year £17.95 


H25340 TANKS 36  PANZER III 5cm  / - New desert release for the very popular TANKS game from Gale Force Nine. buy 4+ get them post free worldwide £5.99 

H25341 TANKS 36  PANZER IV 7.5  / - New desert release for the very popular TANKS game from Gale Force Nine. buy 4+ get them post free worldwide £5.99 

H25342 TANKS 37   GRANT   / - New desert release for the very popular TANKS game from Gale Force Nine. buy 4+ get them post free worldwide £5.99 

H25343 TANKS 38  HONEY  / - New desert release for the very popular TANKS game from Gale Force Nine. buy 4+ get them post free worldwide £5.99 

H25344 TEST OF HONOUR BUNDLE  DEAL: MOUNTED SAMURAI & SAMURAI WARBAND + the WARLORD Samurai Metal figure  / - 2 boxes post free world wide. FEW ONLY £31.50 

45124 DAS REICH (Battleground Europe: France Southwest)  / Vickers, Philip P.Back. Publ 2003, 192 Pages, Illus Black and White. Like New £4.00 

45125 Arms and Uniforms: Age of Chivalry, v.1 …   / - EX-lib buit very good £15.00 

45126 SOLDIERS OF GOD : Tabletop wargames rules for Raids,  Battle & Sieges of the Crusades  / Louth, W near fine / rules and card set £20.00 

45127 SIEGE OF VIENNA 1683  / Stoye  Good pbk copy £1.00 

45128 Bolt Action: Empires in Flames: The Pacific and the Far East  / - near mint £10.00 

45129  Naukar, Rajput, and Sepoy: The Ethnohistory of the Military Labour Market of Hindustan, 1450–1850  / -  220p. near mint hbk £20.00 

45130 Kings Service - a Story of the Thirty Years War  / Alcock late victorian Boys own Fiction .  pictorial and guilt boards. Veryt good condition. slight tears to spine £7.50 

45131 DAY OF BATTLE: Medieval wargames rules  / - 10-28mm figures,  3rd ed. very good condition £8.00 

45132 1815 The Warterloo Campaign: Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras  / Hofschroer, Peter H.Back. Publ 1998. 398 Pages. Illus Black and White. Like New. £20.00 

45133 British Army Uniforms in Colour: As Illustrated by John McNeill, Ernest Ibbetson,  Edgar A. Holloway and Harry Payne - 1908-1919  / Harrington, Peter H.Back. Publ 2001. 146 Pages. Illus Colour. Like New. £27.50 

45134 Western Wonders: The Battle of Lansdown and Roundway Down 1643  / Moulder, Bob P.Back. Publ 1993. 48 Pages.  ECW graphic novella Illus Black and White. Like New. £9.00 

45135 British and Commonwealth Armies 1944-45  / Bevis, Mark P.Back. Publ 2004. 94 Pages. Like New £9.40 

45136 British Commonwealth Armies 1939-43  / Bevis, Mark P.Back. Publ 2001. 86 Pages. Like New £9.35 

45137 ADVANCED ARMATI : C16th & C17th Supplement + Campaign and army lists  / - near mint £16.00 

45138 SOLDADOS : PAINTING LARGE SCALE FIGURES - Full colour Instructional CD  / - Sample figure is a a SUMERIAN. ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH AND ITALIAN  instructions. Useful for any period, Concentrates on Skin tones, yelows & browns £9.50 

45139 EVOLUTIONARY WAR: Wargaming the Mid C18th  / Kubik Rules for any scale. Innovative features to emphasis the tactical evolutions of the period. Near fine pbk . Large format £9.00 

45140 FIELD OF GLORY         2nd EDITION  / - SLitherine 2nd ed. NOT osprey 1st . near mint but slight damage to spine £20.00 

45141 ROYALIST ORDNANCE PAPERS  VOLUMES 1  & 2 - PHOTOCOPY  / - copy of both volumes of this very scarce essential research work   550 pages £50.00 


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